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About me

Who I Am

My journey with design began as a child with a Smurf ColorForm set, which served as the perfect kiddie art direction training tool. In high school, I was the overachieving art student who drew the groundbreaking homecoming button which featured a woman on it for the first time in the school’s legacy. Today, I am a Design Leader who has embraced the power of my perspective, driven by enthusiasm for my craft, and committed to advocating for meaningful causes. I'm a puzzle solver and love a good challenge—just give me a Rubik’s cube and three minutes, and I’ll prove it.


What I Do

With over 20 years in the industry, my career has included long-term freelance roles with globally recognized brands and agencies in the Twin Cities, founding and running a couple of my own businesses, and contributing my design capabilities and leadership to highly respected agencies and brands both near and far.

I view my work in the medical and health industry as particularly impactful, as it has allowed me to merge my advocacy for humanity and unique empathetic perspective with my years of design expertise. I have found that this combination resonates deeply with audiences—and is a quality that is crucially underrepresented in the design world today.

Get to know me

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