auto conference branding

In anticipation of their annual conference, I developed three directions for the overall look of, which included logo concepts and moodboards.

Roles : Creative Director : Designer : Art Director

Concept 1 : Retro Angles
Complimenting the brands red and black color palette, the addition of teal brings a distinct and fresh perspective to this years converence. The moodboard includes inspirations from retro illustrations and angular, directional shapes to creative movement and represent speed.

Concept 2 : 80's Glow
Concept 2 takes on an alternative perspective of retro fun, this time being inspired by 1980's colorful graphics. Neon lights and dualistic color tones create an energetic buzz to the concept. The logo has tmovement and speed as it's projected forward.

Concept 3 : Modular Facets
Complimenting the complexity of the first two concepts, Concept 3 is a more simplified option. Narrowing in on the color palette allows the graphic angles and dimension to stand out. The logo badge stands apart and provides and opportunity for a contained branding mark.