cybersecurity website

A global cybersecurity brand needed a site facelift that worked harder for their e-commerce needs as well as their company narrative. What would traditionally have been a simple process, had some plot twists as it was discovered that they were also mid-way through a completely rebrand. Shown below, I attempted to chime in with our expertise and considerations but could only move the actively moving needle slightly.

Roles : Creative Director : UX and UI Designer : Art Director

Mood Boards
As we started solving for the universal site, we were introduced to their re-brand that was in process. I had strong opinions on where the brand was and was heading in, so I jumped in and tried to lure them into a more modern, impactful direction.

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 12.22.13 PM.png

Mood Board 1 - Flow of information

  • uses a movement pattern to convey flow of information and speed of data

  • heavy red/black palette with new secondary palette that is more energetic and modern

  • lifestyle imagery is black-and-white or tinted with black or red overlaying gel

  • busy pattern is balanced with heavy use of flat colors and very structured spaces

  • iconography is simplified

  • secondary colors only used for specific product/category identification

Mood Board 2 - Angles up close

  • leverages the logo O shape as an oversized, zoomed-in element or repeating pattern

  • subtly introduces angles to represent forward movement

  • graphite and silver colors support the main brand red as overall aesthetic

  • secondary palate closely matching current colors, but adjusted for even values and harmony

  • dualism between finely-varied gradiant backgrounds along with solid-colored elements

  • typography is modern and sleek without marketing overuse

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 12.22.56 PM.png

Brand Evolution
Due to the logistics on the client side, a pivot in the brand was not possible. Because we felt strongly about influencing the direction, however, I provided a last-minute stab at how I'd implement more modern look. (Two examples shown below.) I used the homepage as a vehicle to show how, even staying aligned with where their brand was moving, I could evolve in a slight but impactful way. Ultimately they picked up inspiration from both.


Website Execution
Although we weren't able to move the needle as much as we hoped, we were able to clean up and modernize the site by organizing the large amount of content with interactive components.

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