gamer seat website

A global gaming company for racing & flying simulation cockpits and game seats needed a facelift when they switched their online store to a more efficient ecommerce solution. Being that their current store wasn't evolved brand-wise, I designed and directed the reinvention of their identity to provide a more dynamic online store experience.

Roles : Creative Director : Designer : Art Director

Interactive Filter
To level-up the shopping experience, a dynamic filter was presented which would provide a more interactive and visual filtering experience.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 6.08.47 PM.png

Visual Testimonials
We injected the words from the most important endorsers in a section of their own, with a rotating carousel with brand awareness cues.

Technical About Us
The beauty of this brand is found in the details of their construction. So a section highlighting their perfectionism in the details was key. Macro photography of the products, images of their uber tidy factory, and a behind-the-scenes video provide context to this section.


Get in the social game
We knew that the main demographic audience for this brand also very much valued social media, so a large social section ended off the home page with coloring hovers which auto populated from their social channels.