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El Palacio de Hierro Mobile App 


My Roles : Creative Director

UX Designers : Carolyn Aluotto (Lead), Katherine Diaz (Lead), Dragomir Dimitrov

UI Designers : Suki Mei Fei Soo (Lead), Anastasia Kobylynska (Lead), Oleksii Kaznovetskyi, Vladislav Panaskin, Joseph Paquette (Design Directions)

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Earthy Elegance

The UX and UI teams used best-practice techniques to simplify and modernize the site. Large, prominent spaces to display their stunning photography was important, and provided not only gorgeous but emotional moments.

The color palette of the brand cleverly uses organic and natural tones, which my team leveraged to make the site softer and more natural. An underlying alabaster color provided a canvas-like foundation which complimented the palette as well as the intricate product patterns.

Mobile First

Aside from being fully ADA compliant, fast and functional, the top priority was for the new site to be mobile first, since analytics showed that more customers viewed their site this way. The result, a stunning mobile brand ecommerce experience that was friendly to use and easily supported conversion.

Sophisticated eCommerce

Keeping it simple, clean, and purposeful was the goal of all steps through the purchase process. The Product Listing Page (PLP) shown here did just that. We shifted the overall color palette to white so that the larger product images would remain unchallenged by other visual distractions. 

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Design Directions - Where It Started

Before we began what would become the beautiful UI designs you see above, Design Directions were created to determine an overall concept for the look & feel of the site. Three Design Directions were presented that ranged in tone and weight, with Concept 1 ultimately being chosen, as you can see above.

Concept 1 : Earthy Modern Classically Clean, Fresh, Light and Organic Color Palette

Concept 2 : Warm Focus Color-blocking, Focus on Close-up Imagery Showing Details/Quality, Hand-painted  Artwork

Concept 3 : Deep Legacy Deeper Tones, Color Contrast,  Bolder, Visual Legacy/History

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