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Amy Mills


Tulip Cremation Website

The opportunity, modernize the end of life transition services with a holistic solution that elevates the nationwide cremation brand with new technologies and experiences. In addition to a re-platform, the ultimate experience would be more intuitive and easier for all demographics to use. As the Creative Director leading and working alongside the UI design team, I identified immediately that this project would need visual sincerity, keeping empathy and warmth at the forefront to ensure the experience was as comforting, digestible, and informative as possible.

My Roles : Creative Director, Lead UI Designer

Additional Contributors

UX Design : Colm Eccles

UI Design : Maksym Liashko, Vlad Panaskin, Pavlo Plakhotia

Welcome Flexibility

Several configurations of the hero section were provided to demonstrate the range of visual treatments and art direction recommended for that section. 

Guided Selling

A prominently embedded guided selling module welcomes visitors and helps guide them to the information they need faster. 

Organic and Sincere Visuals

Leveraging the brands existing illustrative art, we were able to instill a sense of personalization and humanity, as if they were hand-drawn doodles. Art Direction for photography was provided, emphasizing images that told stories of serenity and peace, based on real, not staged, quiet moments. Diversity, as always, was priority.

Embedded Quote Journey

An embedded journey is also available for visitors who are deeper into the site. Simple and caring, the journey was created with the likely grieving mindset of the user at the forefront.

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