Blood Pressure Watch Landing Page

After the initial launch, this health brand sought a landing page refresh for their popular blood pressure watch that solved several issues identified as marketing pain points. Using data and analytics findings, and implementing accessibility standards, a more user-friendly, informational, and engaging page was created. The brand is incredibly enthusiastic to implement this new page, and looking to roll much of the look and solutions into their website as a whole.

My Roles : Creative Director : UX and UI Designer 

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Screenshot 2020-11-30 121941.jpg

Leveraging the app
The app provided an energetic color palette which complimented the page narrative perfectly, revealing specific product-related content on hover.

As the first FDA Approved wearable blood pressure monitor, we sought to find ways to show the mechanics and bulk of the product, which was larger that more-simplified smartwatches.

Tool tips were implemented to provide interactive discovery.

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Wearable Blood Pre

Face first
An interactive, hover experience was created to allow the viewer to learn about each feature, and the corresponding face dynamics, that sets this watch apart in the market.