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Amy Mills


ropostale Website

This American shopping mall–based retailer of casual apparel and accessories wanted a seamless, modern, and fresh shopping experience that increased customer engagement and maintained brand loyalty for the Aéropostale re-platformed site. While the ro brand was distinct from other SPARC brands, it was important that the designs we created had the ability to be applied to, or benefit, the other sister brands.

My Roles : Creative Director

UX Designers : Lucas Barrie (Lead)

UI Designers : Joseph Paquette (Lead)


Aéro wanted the re-platformed site that felt more “app-like” based on findings that the vast majority of users visited the site through mobile devices. Clean navigation and customer journeys were key.

Find Your Fit

Added functionality to the site would be the jeans Fit Finder, to help shoppers find their correct size and fit using data recommendations that increase conversions and reduce returns.

Design Directions - Where It Started

“Clean vs bold” was the directions for the two concepts, introducing background textures, expressive typography, and large typography, specifically desired by client.

Concept 1 : Bright, with playful typographic and water backgrounds. Clean use of white, grey, and blue gradients.

Concept 2 : Deeper palette, with logo directional banding. Bolder use of depth and typography, with introduction to blue tints.

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