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Amy Mills


El Palacio de Hierro’s Mobile App 

El Palacio de Hierro, Mexico's most luxurious department store, aimed to replicate its prestigious in-store experience in the digital realm. They partnered with Astound to develop their first-ever mobile app, translating the store's opulent and sophisticated essence into a seamless digital experience. The app needed to function as a digital storefront while also conveying the luxury and elegance of the physical stores. Additionally, it had to integrate both commercial shopping experiences and comprehensive credit account management into a single, cohesive platform. To address this, Astound’s team of strategists, UX designers, and UI designers were divided into two streams: commercial and credit. The choice of two streams helped the client remain focused throughout the massive project, ensuring that each stream received it's own dedicated attention, facilitating forward movement, and expediting the completion of the project.

My Role : Creative Director / Head of UX and UI

UX Designers : Carolyn Aluotto (Lead), Katherine Diaz (Lead), Serhii Shvydkyi, Anton Kharytonov, Dragomir Dimitrov

UI Designers : Suki Mei Fei Soo (Lead), Anastasia Kobylynska (Lead), Oleksii Kaznovetskyi (Lead), Vladislav Panaskin, Oleksii Kaznovetskyi, Joseph Paquette

Strategy Director : Sasha Herman

Design Directions - Where We Started

Design Directions provided a glimpse of the future design system of the app by leveraging El Palacio de Hierro’s existing brand guidelines and website. Although the brand was already well-recognized, its appeal primarily catered to an older, higher-income demographic. To broaden its reach, the app featured dynamic layouts, inspirational imagery, and a renewed emphasis on haute couture. These elements were carefully crafted to attract a younger, more diverse audience while maintaining the brand's luxurious reputation, ensuring that the app resonated with both existing customers and a new generation of shoppers.

Strategy - Experience Vision

Using the customer segmentation data the client provided, the Strategy Director meticulously crafted six personas, each representing a distinct segment of your target audience. Through these personas, he embarked on six unique user journeys, offering a glimpse into interactions within both facets of your Super App - Commercial and Credit. These journeys seamlessly traverse through the various functionalities, from essential MVP features to fast-follow enhancements and forward-thinking innovations. These journeys offered a comprehensive overview of the app experience, providing a realistic depiction of potential user paths. They served as a foundation for further refinement during our sprint cycles.

UX and UI Design

Following thorough requirement alignment, the UX Designers crafted a comprehensive suite of wireframes for the Interface experience, meticulously detailing each step of the customer journey, component, and interaction across the entire end-to-end flow, including the two streams of work, commercial and credit. They served as an organized roadmap, empowering client stakeholders to confidently approve designs while providing the UI Designers with a locked-in canvas to seamlessly integrate branded styling. A consistent UI design language between different sections of the app, namely between commercial and credit, tied the overarching brand together within this interlaced, multifaceted app.

Commercial Experience

Splash Screen

Home Page


Product Detail Page

Credit Experience

Credit Card Details


Success Metrics

The app was released on both the App Store and Google Play Store in October 2023, precisely eleven months after the project began, and a month earlier than planned.


El Palacio's overall ecommerce revenue increased

Online Turnover Growth


Revenue generated from mobile devices soared

Mobile Turnover Boom


The brand's total conversion performance improved

Overall Conversion Gain


El Palacio's overall net profit climbed to 145 million USD.

Profit Surge


6.6K reviews




Intuitive, easy to use

"It is a super intuitive platform, with a super functional design and easy to use. The products are easy to find and it also allows you to download the app from the United States. I love El Palacio!"

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