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Read what these lovely people say about my work.

Amy is a real pleasure to work with. She brings a wealth of design knowledge to the table, and is a superb mentor for those in her team. She was a great support as I transitioned from Senior Creative Designer to Project Manager, providing insight and offering a sounding board for ideas. Her design skills are top-drawer and her ability to explain complex design concepts to clients really stand her above others that I have worked for & with over the years. In the workplace, her positivity and drive to deliver the highest standards kept the team going through a difficult period during Pandemic lockdowns and a company acquisition. I highly recommend Amy as a creative, and a manager, but mostly as a colleague. She really is a great friend to have in the workplace, whether discussing design tasks or the latest bingeworthy comic-book films & TV.


Iain Torrance

Engagement Manager



Working with Amy is an absolute pleasure. I have had the chance to collaborate with her as peers and later as her client. In both realms, Amy is a true star. She brings wealth of experience and creativity to everything she does and always delivers top quality work with purpose. She is not only delivering at the highest design standards, but her work is always business and objective focused which is a rare and desirable mix. Additional to Amy's creative output, she brings great energy and social consciousness to the workplace and is an inspiration as a leader.


Lina Santa Maria

Director, Global Marketing



Amy is AMAZING! Not only is she so much fun to work with but she also has an awesome creative mind! Amy is thoughtful about her approach to every creative ask and no detail is too small. She really does pay attention to the little things and I think that's what sets her apart from the rest! She's a joy to work with and a joy to be around!


Nancy Carlson

Senior Producer



Even more than her design skills and conceptual thinking, the thing that Amy brings to every project is optimism: What could this be?!? Even with assignments that, on the surface, seem pretty mundane, Amy is always thinking about ways to make them cooler, more fun, more engaging. When you look at her work, I think this optimism and sense of positivity is apparent — she's really good at using her skills to convey these feelings to her audience. If you are looking for a designer/art director/creative director who can take a creative brief and turn it into something meaningful and actionable, call Amy Mills.


Trip Johnson

Creative Director



Amy is thoughtful, smart and fun to work with and brings serious design chops to the table. She can creatively manage a large production or focus tight in on a quick turn one off ad — always with skills and a killer sense of humor.

Marsha Trainer

Executive Producer



Working with Amy was so great! She came to every project with a smile on her face and a fantastic can-do spirit that you do not see often enough :) Amy was able to push the creative boundaries in ways that impressed me (and the client) time and time again. I would have no worry that Amy would bring innovative ideas to the table, every time. I sincerely miss her!

Melanie Kaufenberg

Project Manager



Amy is a nimble creative who understands the power of design. She excels at finding solutions that are beautiful, smart and scalable. Both clients and agency partners request to work with her as she is a true collaborator — not because it is “nice” to do, but because it makes the work better. That is what makes her a great leader: listening, challenging, solving — and advocating for — creative solutions that will resonate.

Kym Ohna

Senior Creative Director


Amy is a pleasure to work with in every sense. She has the unique ability to apply both strategic thinking and creative problem solving to deliver effective creative solutions. She is a true collaborator and someone that embraces a challenge with curiosity and passion. She has a refined eye for design and the ability to apply design principles in ways that enhance event the simplest of communications. Amy would be a tremendous asset to any creative team.


Michael Doyle

Creative Director


Amy is a fantastic creative partner — she is thoughtful in her approach and works quickly under pressure to bring forward design solutions for projects big and small. In our two years working together, I appreciated how Amy is always open to discuss differing viewpoints, and is articulate and persuasive in sharing her recommendations — Amy is a strong collaborator with both agency teams and our clients. Amy brings a breadth of creative experience and a fabulous personality to the team — she will be missed.

Jenny Ralles

Account Director


I had the privilege of working with Amy while at Periscope for about 2 years and it was an absolute pleasure. As a project manager, we always appreciate someone who meets our deadlines and listens to feedback- Amy did both. She is a very collaborative designer and appreciates everyone's input. Amy is someone who our client started requesting specifically to work on projects because they knew her skill set and knowledge of the brand. She is a rockstar and will miss working with her everyday!

Maddie Meyers

Senior Project Manager



Amy is fun to work with and a real team player. She brings a lot of energy to her work and thinks very carefully and creatively about every aspect of a project, from strategy and "big ideas" to effective design, messaging and creating a positive user experience. She is a very smart, dedicated and innovative thinker who always made my words look great -- exactly what a copywriter wants in a design partner. She would be a real asset to any team.

Linda Lincoln

Senior Copywriter



Amy is passionate about all things design — with a special affinity for Pantone swatches. She's a hard worker. A realistic problem solver. And a lover of The Office. When given a project, she never fails to move it forward quickly and thoughtfully. Additionally, she's very committed to helping her teams succeed — even if it means working over the weekend — and is an effective mentor. Not surprisingly, her clients and coworkers very much enjoy working with her. I know I did.


Nick Coldagelli

Creative Director


I had the privilege of working with Amy during her time at Periscope and always appreciated her partnership across the variety of different projects and teams we worked on together. Despite being assigned to a truly complex client in a heavily regulated industry, I could always count on Amy to provide a wide variety of creative solutions to our different clients, working to not only address their immediate ask, but to deliver strategic solutions that went above and beyond. I'd whole-heartedly recommend her as Amy is a true asset to any organization.

James Vair

Senior Account Manager


Amy is a powerhouse of talent. She has a vast understanding of the strategy and big thinking it takes to create work that's not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely effective. I've worked with Amy on several large projects and I've been consistently impressed with her ability to wrangle complex campaigns—managing timing and expectations while elevating the creative work that leads to client success. A skilled communicator, Amy presents her ideas and designs thoughtfully and in a way the client understands and appreciates. Amy is a great listener — she excels at fostering trusting relationships with not only her peers, but also her clients.

Trina Corrao

Graphic Designer



I worked with Amy for several years as part of my extended team and she has a great design sense and strong creative ideas. She's a team player and a pleasure to work with. She's smart, professional and above all else a warm, caring person. I'd take her on my creative team 100x out of 100.

Jonathan Comito

Marketing Director 


Love working with Amy and thankful for the privilege. Smart, tactical, creative--deep knowledge of design, art direction and variety of media solutions. Amy has worked with several teams in our department, and she fluidly moved from a leadership role to a mentorship role, while maintaining high standards for the quality, craft, and effectiveness of the work.

Erik Jacobs

Director of Creative Studio


Amy has worked with my team for over a year now, on a mostly full-time basis. She is one of the best designers I have ever worked with. Not only does she have great creative ideas and skills, but she also has great energy and fits in with ANY team. She works well with minimal direction or guidance and does great work even against rushed timelines. Amy you are amazing, we are honored to have you work with us!

Krystle Christensen

Creative Director



Amy is not only an energetic and dedicated expert but also inspiring. Amy is customer focused with lots of knowledge in the creative and marketing arenas. What I enjoyed most about working with Amy is the fact that she can handle multiple facets of a project, not only the design, but project management from concept to completion. Her expertise is vast and her works is of the highest quality. Honest, open minded and on time and on budget - she is a great asset in getting projects completed that require higher level creative thinking and experience.

Lynn Holzworth

Customer-Driven Marketing


Interested in fast, creative and accurate work? Hire Amy immediately. I received second to NONE service and outcomes. Best part? She speaks 'business owner' speak - not just 'art' speak. I've always struggled to find a designer partner that could translate 'picture this' language into 'look at this' language - and I finally found her. I'd recommend hiring Amy for any of your visual design needs. Thanks Amy!


Melissa Albers

Owner of The Authentic Leader


Amy is a very talented designer and a hard worker who's willing to go the extra mile to get a project completed. I would recommended her to any one who want's to get the job done with precision and focus. She has a great attitude while carrying through good communication with a smile. :)

Liz Robinson

UX Visual Design


Amy is an excellent designer who is very detail-oriented and collaborative. She has shown to be a good colleague and team player. Her high skill level and integrity of design make her a real asset to any creative group. I would definitely take the opportunity to work with her again if it presented itself.

Scott Olson

Graphic Production Artist


It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Amy. I had the pleasure of working with Amy for 5 months at Select Comfort, collaborating and reviewing projects while on different project teams. Amy's ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a noticeable difference in the productivity level of our team. Between arranging much-needed lunch outings at Chipotle, or reviewing the latest movie releases, Amy did her best to keep a smile on everyone's faces. As a team member or a leader, Amy deserves a positive recommendation.

Ben Rummel

Shopify Expert, Brand Development, Ecommerce Consultant, and Graphic Designer



Amy is one of the nicest people I have ever met during my career as a designer. Her positivity was a highlight throughout my day. Amy's strengths are those that are obviously commendable; concentration, dedication and perseverance. She always had a goal in sight and easily achieved it with her range of skills. She would be a welcome addition to any team and any group of creatives. She has leadership and a creative eye that can't be beat.

Anna DePagter

Art Director


I had the opportunity to partner with Amy on creative design projects at Select Comfort Corporation. Amy is thorough, professional, & has a keen eye for design; she asks the right questions & takes on projects with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. Amy is truly a pleasure to work with & I undeniably endorse her capability & expertise in creative design!

Gina Solberg

Sr. Marketing Manager


Amy is a go-getter with a positive and energetic spirit. Not only is she a seasoned designer with great ideas and excellent execution, but she also is not afraid to try new things like teach herself to code her own website! I loved working with her.

Lori LaBarre

UI Developer


Amy is an excellent Art Director. Every time I worked on a project with her, she would come to the kick-off meeting and turnaround creative that was exactly what the team was asking for, very few changes were ever needed. She is a hard worker, very collaborative and a joy to work with!


Julie Zulkosky

Sr. Project Manager 


I first met Amy when I needed an Art Director to jump into a project that I was managing that needed immediate attention. She was on the ball from the very first moment and designed some great concepts that the client loved. I worked with her on several other projects after that and she always did great work and brought a positive attitude to the job. She was a true joy to work with.

Danette Knickmeier

Account Director



Amy was a joy to work with; energetic, efficient, and creative. She possesses a diverse skill-set, an attention to detail, and enjoys her craft immensely.

Steve Carlson

Senior Product Designer


I had the pleasure of working with Amy on a client facing project at OLSON as a Freelance Motion Graphic Designer. Amy was nothing short of spectacular. She was always one step ahead of my needs and made sure that what she provided was tight, clean and precise. Amy's direction is clear and fully thought out. She clarified issues quickly and with little room for misinterpretation. When it comes to an Art Director I could not ask for more. I fully endorse Amy Mills and I hope to work her again in the near future!

Scott Cornell

Senior Technical Support Engineer


When working with Amy you not only get the benefit of being entertained by her quick wit, but you will also notice her strong design sense and attention to detail. She consistently delivers very polished designs.

Angela Johansen

Owner + Lead Designer

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