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While I’m most known for providing clean, strategic design solutions, I receive the most acclaim when I present design or speak in front of others about something that I’m passionate about. This is the result of my empathy-first, campy speaking approach, driven by genuine enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with others. 

My experience spans the global design industry, providing a unique, multi-channel perspective. Digital, namely ecommerce, has become my sweet spot of expertise but I also have experience in branding, photo art direction, video production, packaging, environmental and experiential design, publishing, and more in industries including healthcare, pharma, technology, advertising, and retail. 

I pride myself in exceeding client expectations, both in creative outcome and ease of collaboration, and for sincere connections with colleagues and clientele.


here's some of my work

In respect to client confidentiality, much of my work cannot be displayed. Read about what I've done on my LinkedIn profile or reach out if you'd like to hear more.

some brands I've had the pleasure to design for


read what these lovely people have said about what I do

"I fell in love with your approach to presenting designs. After a few seconds of the presentation, everyone understands that you know your area of expertise very well."
Maksym Liashko
UI Senior Designer - Astound Commerce

"Her design skills are top-drawer and her ability to explain complex design concepts to clients really stand her above others that I have worked for & with over the years."
Iain Torrance
Client Success Manager - Astound Commerce

"I love the way you tell stories! It's so captivating!"
Dedric Guest
Technical Director - Astound Commerce

"...she brings great energy and social consciousness to the workplace and is an inspiration as a leader."
Lina Santa Maria
Senior Director of Demand Generation - Digital River