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Hey there, I'm Amy Mills

Hey there,
I'm Amy Mills

Creative Director // Art Director

Creative Director
// Art Director

I provide award-winning, global Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Design, while also leveraging my influence as an industry mentor, coach, and design manager. I am widely acknowledged for my proficiency in crafting clean and clever designs, embodying sincere and empathetic leadership, and maintaining unwavering reliability. My skill set spans UI/UX design, branding, photo and video art direction, advertising, integrated campaigns, and much more across industries including healthcare, technology, retail, and fashion. I take pride in consistently delivering exceptional creative outcomes and fostering seamless collaborations while inspiring the next generation of creative professionals.

What I'm most known for:

Strategic designs

Empathetic leadership

Consistent reliability

Empowering mentorship

My design and direction work

Brands I've worked with

What people say about me

"Amy's proficiency is undeniable; she radiates mastery. As one of my most favored bosses, she remains an unmatched influencer and mentor in my career journey."

Joseph Paquette

Experience Design Lead, UI

"Her design skills are top-drawer and her ability to explain complex design concepts to clients really stand her above others that I have worked for & with over the years."

Iain Torrance
Client Success Manager

"Additional to Amy's creative output, she brings great energy and social consciousness to the workplace and is an inspiration as a leader."

Lina Santa Maria
Senior Director of Demand Gen

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