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Creative Concept 1



Focusing on quality and details

Homepage : Concept 1

This direction was the most ambitious of the three due to it's image usage, paralax scrolling, and boldness. The use of prominent imagery gave the viewer moments of tranquility, subconsciencely reminding them about the beauty of adventure and quality of the brand. Bold color contrast, fonts, and deliberate moments of pause give this concept a confident direction of the site.

Product Detail Page : Concept 1

Interactive product detail information and an interactive module to complete the look bring the experience into even the most ecommerce-driven page. Clean and clear, with bold font and imagery use empower this concept from the rest.

Eddie Bauer Website Direction

This American sportswear and clothing brand that specializes in outdoor gear came to us to establish the future look-and-feel of their evolving website. While a full re-brand is on the horizon for the reknown brand, they found themselves in a moment of of need to improve the site without reinventing what would be reinvented in the near future. So with a mobile-only focus, we created three directions for the team at Eddie Bauer to take their site, without stepping on the toes of the future evolution or confusing consumers as the site shifts in improvement, in anticipation to a larger shift ahead.

My Roles : Creative Director

UI Designers: Suki Mei Fei Soo (Lead), Maksym Liashko

Homepage : Concept 2

A mix between the first and third concept, this one balances the functional ecommerce focus with the emotion of what the brand provides. The photography is more prominent but a tad more traditional, along with the font choice. Moments of zen still occur to break of pages and attention spans of the viewer to provide brand confidence.

Product Detail Page : Concept 2

Refined and neatly organized, this concept stays true to through the shopping experience. The use of icons are integrated to help break up the visual language. 

Creative Concept 2

Expansive imagery
Balanced between commerce and emotion

Creative Concept 3

Clean, minimal
Focused on range of products

Homepage : Concept 3

This creative concept is the most traditional and ecommerce-based. Imagery, although still important, don't play as important of a role as the first two concepts play. This one is more about neat and smart organization of content, to ultimately get that customer through conversion as cleanly as possible.

Product Detail Page : Concept 3

The monochromatic color scheme stays true as with the other two concepts, but this one in particular leverages more grey tones to help balance and break up viewports. The footer is also provides a visual moment of solitude while not distracting from the rest of the page.

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