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Amy Mills


Thought Starter 1: A Gated, Holistic Website

How do we navigate visitors on the global brand site to areas where we can generate both conversation and brand loyalty? By splitting the site in half: shop vs. play. On the one half, you have robust ecommerce functionality; on the other, you have editorial content and features that give parents ideas around new and exciting ways to play with their kids (or set kids up for hours of self-directed learning & play!)


While the shop half of the site stays fairly consistent, the play side becomes an immersive area to discover, create, and play, providing ideas and support for parents while continuing to strengthen brand loyalty. 

The design of this concept is based of the striking childhood silhouettes the brand has used in it's guidelines in the recent past.


The category "buttons" (seen below and in the layout as interactive tab graphics), were illustrated by me and based entirely off of buttons and visuals Mattel's brand Fisher Price often use. Remember the shape in the hole toy? Or check out any Fisher Price toys with buttons.


In a real-world scenario, playful sound effects on the site would play whenever anyone pushed one of those legendary buttons. 

Thought Starter 2: Guided Selling

How do we get the perfect toys into the perfect little hands? By helping the adults make the right picks!


We designed a playful Guided Selling module that would be placed prominently within the homepage to help guide customers to a selection of new, limited, or best-selling products based on a wide range of input criteria, from age and general interest to what other toys a kid might already own.

In helping users find the perfect product, we can address price sensitivity by ensuring that children are getting the right toys.

Mattel Thought Starters

We had an opportunity to deliver some thought starters to solve for some challenges Mattel was currently facing with their websites and ecommerce offering. We initially presented a handful of ideas, with two ideas advancing towards a more formal presentation with a wider team. Below are those two ideas, as I conceptualized and designed myself.

My Roles : Creative Director, Lead UI Designer, Creative Strategist

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