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Pre-Production Book

With the number of talent, locations, roles, and shots, it was quite an orchestration to keep it all organized. And although the photographers team would bring their own pre-pro book, I needed my own tool to keep everything in order. So I created my own pre-production book to keep all the moving pieces as organized as I needed it. The book went into a ton of detail, showing the list of casting, their numerous roles, what days and locations they would be at, what wardrobe to attempt to hit, and more so that all the pieces for this enormous shoot would come together flawlessly.

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Photo Shoot

The Medicare & Retirement division of UnitedHealthcare was in need for new lifestyle and portrait photography to round out their brand photography library.  Whereas the development took months of preparation and planning, the shoot itself took place in Tampa, Florida over two weeks time. The shoot consisted of a total of 26 portrait sessions, 21 lifestyle sessions, and 16 additional portraits for the New to Medicare campaign with a cast that included over twenty adult lead roles, 15 adult supporting roles, 3 minors, and one dog. I directed and orchestrated all design and art direction throughout the entire project, from initial shot storytelling/brainstorming, through storyboarding, to casting in Tampa, Florida, location scouting, wardrobe, to the final shoot itself.

In respect to client confidentiality, only final photography found publicly online are shown below (hence the low-resolution of some images).

My Roles : Creative Director : Art Director : Storyboard Illustrator (Assisted)

Reading Tent

The Shot: A sweet moment of adoration as a grandfather leaves his comfort zone and gets down on the ground to be closer to his granddaughter. Grandpa and granddaughter are in a living room where they built a play tent from blankets and pillows to a book together. The moment is innocent and pure joy. The atmosphere is bright, warm, and sweet as they sit together in their special fort to share imagination and storytelling.

Roles: 2 Leads : Male mid-60's, African American : Female, 5-7 years old, African American

Location: Family home living room or den, clean, bright, daylight, playfully colored pillows and blankets

Wardrobe: Casual and cozy, possible pajamas, harmony of color between them, girl in a brighter color so she is focal point

Book Club

The Shot: In a middle to high-end family home, a group of diverse group of women of various senior ages are enjoying a book club meeting together. We see a few refreshments (no wine) with cheese and crackers on the coffee table where the books are seen. We catch them in a moment of laughter, delight, and friendship. The atmosphere is laid back, warm, and welcoming.

Roles: 2 Leads, 1 Supporting : Female mid-60's, African American : Female, late 60's, Caucasian : Female, early 60's, Asian American

Location: Family home living room, neutral, daylight, eclectic, colorful pillows

Wardrobe: Business casual, colorful and feminine, energetic

Home Demonstration

The Shot: An agent is sitting at the dining room table of the home of a couple in their mid 70s, sharing a cup of coffee and getting personalized plan demonstration. A few papers and pamphlets are spread out. We get a sense that the couple has known the agent for years, and this is a warm and enjoyable interaction.

Roles: 2 Leads, 1 Supporting : Male early 70's, ethnicity open : Female, early 70's, ethnicity open : Male, early 30's, African American

Location: Family home dinette or dining room, clean, bright, daylight

Wardrobe: Couple is casual, male more rustic in flannel, agent in UHC brand blue polo shirt

House Call

The Shot: A grandmother takes time out of her day watching her grandson to get a health checkup in her home. A female nurse practitioner is sitting across from the senior, healthy woman, who is sitting in her living room chair comfortably. As the provider is checking her stats as part of her annual checkup, we can see the woman's grandson playing in the background with his toys nearby, signifying that she is often the child's caregiver in her home.

Roles: 2 Leads, 1 Supporting : Female early 30's-40's, ethnicity open : Female, late 60's, Asian American : Male, 4-5, Asian American

Location: Family den or living room home, can see child's toys indicating child is there often

Wardrobe: Nurse practitioner in scrubs or lab coat, grandmother casual and comfortable, child casual

Holiday Picnic

The Shot:

A 67-year-old Vietnam Veteran is at a holiday weekend picnic. He is sitting and laughing with a good friend of his as a couple of neighbors are in the background helping themselves to food near an American flag. The Vietnam Veteran's hat is doing the heavy lifting to show his significance at the event and within the community. 

Roles: 2 Leads, 2 Supporting : Male early 70's, Caucasian, Vietnam Vet : Male, late 60's, African American : Male, early 30's, ethnicity open : Female, mid 50's, ethnicity open

Location: Family front or backyard, picnic table with food, lawn chairs, American flag

Wardrobe: Vietnam Veteran hat with casual clothes for both leads, supporting very casual, neighborly clothes

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