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Amy Mills


Natera Genetic Testing Checkout

As the molecular diagnostics brand was implementing their first B2C offering, we were brought in to optimize and redesign the first site checkout flow. We leveraged the newly evolved brand guidelines to provide a friendly, unified, and informed checkout that was sensitive to privacy and consumer state-of-mind.

My Roles : Creative Director, Lead UI Designer

UX Designer : Krystle Christensen (Lead)

Eligibility Gateway

To ensure only qualified buyers have the opportunity to purchase the product, we made sure the eligibility was prominently displayed upfront.

Reinforcing Trust

Because the site is asking the visitor to provide sensitive information, the pages were organized to include a visually soft section where informational and educational tidbits are provided (shown here as Lorem Ipsum). These sections would include a friendly narrative of "did-you-knows", tooltips, and stats to help build confidence as the user progresses.

Visual Cues

As the user proceeds in the checkout, they see a visual shift in the pages that highlight their Cart Summary, turning the right column brand blue with the summary locked in place at the top. This now provides the consistent placement for this information, making it easy to reference and identify moving forward, while other distractions are removed.

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