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Amy Mills


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You are worth it

Well all, 2022 is here. And in this new year, my most sincere wish for each of you is that you prioritize your mental health and that you find yourself in the coming months.

For me, 2021 was just that:

It was the year I reached out and asked for help.

The year I began feeling instead of intellectualizing.

The year I returned to the moments that still had me frozen and finally started processing them.

It was the year I sought answers to the questions I’ve always had about myself.

And the year I received answers that blew my damn mind.

I’ve often said throughout my life that sometimes you have to choose to walk deeper into the forest you’ve been lost in, in order to begin finding your way back out. You have to walk through the pain to get to the other side, friends. Feel to heal.

My hope is that, when you are ready, you make the choice to walk into your woods, to face your experiences and traumas, and begin finally processing what you may have ignored. Because once you see the sun peeking through those trees, the world may never feel the same again.

You are worth it, this year, and always. I hope this is the year for you.


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