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Amy Mills


ZO Skin Health 

“Science meets luxury” was the aesthetic goal for this innovative, medical-grade, luxury beauty brand that came to us for a site replatform. This replatform from Shopify Plus to Salesforce Commerce Cloud highlighted a priority to create better brand and product storytelling through a refreshed site by means of product photography.

My Role : Creative Director

UX Designer : Sydney DeBolt (Lead)

UI Designer : Joseph Paquette (Lead)

2023 w3 Awards

Gold Award for Best Website

Best in Category Health & Wellness Website


2023 w3 Awards

Silver Award for Best Website Features

Best Visual Appeal Aesthetics in B2C Commerce

Creative Concepting - Where It Started

With well-established brand guidelines already in place, two creative concepts were developed to show dueling solutions in color contrast and weight, with an intent to help solve how much brand blue the site would retain. The creative concepts displayed core commerce modules, keeping the examples realistic and purposeful as lofty brand evolution was not needed. The focus on product photography was priority for both concepts since the brand would leverage photography to a larger extent on the replatformed site.

Concept 1 : Balanced, contrasting color blocking between white and brand blue, bolder use of typography prominence.

Concept 2 : More refined use of white space and simplicity, letting the products draw visual prominence.

Interface Design

A focused initiative was to bring their heavily invested offline marketing materials online, in other words, providing adequate space to express with visuals.


The existing site was overly templated which didn’t provide the ability to crop their images, so having that ability in the new platform was key.


The brand guidelines were already firmly established, including use of fonts. The main area of exploration focused on the amount of blue used on the site, in comparison to the white and silver color palette.

Art Direction

The Zo Skin Health replatform project came with a priority around the use of the brand visuals, providing more space to include more of those visuals throughout the site.


The client reshot all of their product images specifically for the replatform, and needed Astounds Art Direction guidance to help them properly size the images throughout the site, focusing even more so on the PDP and PLP page images.


The former Zo Skin Health website was overly templated and didn’t provide the ability to crop imagery, so along with this new functionality, the team provided Art Direction guidelines to help maintain consistency and direction.

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